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For this role, Chen Qiao En has to train under a Korean dance coach and try to grasp the character's emotions when she slowly goes blind.After 2003's highly popular 'Prince Turn To Frog' and 2007's 'Ying Ye 3 1', this is the third time that Chen Qiao En and Ming Dao are paired as lovers on screen.But yesterday, Qiu Ze posted on his Weibo a confirmation that things have come to an end between him and Tiffany (interesting how these stars choose their English names because I don’t think Tiffany suits her but whatever makes her happy, especially now that she needs it). In that post, the “assistant” blasted Roy for not being man enough to stand up for the relationship out of fear of losing fans.Translation of Roy’s Weibo post: Once the ending of a story is not the happy one people see, then on the whole it won’t be a fairy tale. Hohum, this is becoming quite a sad refrain for many entertainers.With Qiao En, it ended so badly that they refused to promote THE GIRL IN BLUE together. It’s not clear when they broke up: seven months ago (according to Roy, who had a rather strange way of confirming the break-up by saying that he has not seen her in seven months) or three months ago (if she still went to celebrate his birthday with him in Taiwan in October).Which goes to show that the two parties did not talk on what to say to the public. She is willing to work with him again if there are opportunities in future. Their reactions when they first heard it was "Impossible! When talking about her other two onscreen partners, Ethan Ruan in 'Fated To Love You' and Roy Qiu in 'Easy Fortune Happy Life' and 'Lan Se Jia Qi' , Chen Qiao En said: "Ethan Ruan is very easy to get along with.He is a jovial person; working with Roy Qiu in China, because we are both from Taiwan, we can take care of each other and chat on many topics."Ever since Chen Qiao En broke up with her foreigner boyfriend, the Taiwanese media exposed her visiting Roy Qiu's place at night and their ambiguous relationship.

But of course there are two sides to a story and according to this report, the “assistant” claimed that Tang Yan (now, that’s better) suffered a lot for Roy’s sake.

And with those three ladies, the break-ups were all not pleasant.

Rainie once talked about how this one person hurt her so much in the past (with many inclined to believe she was referring to Qiu Ze, but then again, with Rainie Yang’s dating history, who knows too) and how she would wait for his call but he never called and finally once, he sent her a message to meet not knowing that he was going to dump her.

It is rumoured that both visited their parents in Wuhan but Wang Kai clarified: "She is working there and wants to visit my parent as well."Hence, my parents became her tour guides who bring her to eat and shop around.

Chen Qiao En is not tired of Ming Dao after three collaborations but she said that there is no sparks between them.

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