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-- In a touching scene, Tina tells Blaine that he -- along with the rest of New Directions -- are like family to her as the friends share meaningful "I love yous." What did you think of "Shooting Star"?

How do you think Sue's story line will play out?

"I wanted to be prepared and protect myself -- I need help," she says as she reveals her father's gun.

Turns out it was her exchange with Brittany -- during which time she begs her fellow Cheerio not to graduate so they can avoid going out into the real world -- that inspired her to "be prepared" by bringing the gun to Mc Kinley.

She explains to Sue that she's scared about graduating and being out in the world with no one to protect her.

Do you think Artie's video footage will play a big role in his future?

When presented the excellent opportunity to interact with a cast of characters as fun and free-spirited as the cast of "Glee" and, more specifically, "Glee: The 3D Concert Movie," it is not to be wasted by asking generic interview questions like "Why do you love this role? " Instead, MTV News first had the "Glee" cast give us a musical preview of the film's story line.

tackled its heaviest subject matter in its four-season run on Thursday with an hour primarily focused on a school shooting.

During "Shooting Star," New Directions tackled "Last Chances" when Brittany (Heather Morris) is convinced there was a meteor heading for Earth.

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