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About half the company works here in engineering, design, sales, and operations; another 226 tech support employees are located in a South Dakota call center.Inside, a small showroom for retail partners leads into the main floor, where the usual rows of open-workspace cubicles are interrupted at every turn by TVs of every possible size.Yet Vizio's customers keep coming back, and bringing others: a combination of low prices, increasing quality, and solid customer support is pretty hard to resist.But after conquering the TV market, launching a line of well-regarded soundbars, and dipping a curious toe into the Android tablet waters, Vizio's decided to come out of the shadows and go after something bigger: the PC industry.In fact, it's the first product launch event in company history.

That's all very nice, of course, but the PC market is full of huge players who build every size and shape of machine imaginable — including, yes, some nice all-in-ones with HDMI inputs and 1080p screens. “It's a huge market, granted, but it's packed with large elephants.Mc Rae calls all-in-ones the “fastest-growing form factor in PCs" and says Vizio's are“designed to be a great TV experience, not just a PC.We have 2 HDMI inputs, 2.1 audio, a beautiful 1080p screen.” The screens on the new PC line are a source of pride, of course.That means a lot of shuttling back and forth to China, especially as products are being developed — all those TV sizes means Vizio launches something like 70 new products a year, and Mc Rae and his team take eight to ten trips to China a year to keep everything running smoothly and product introductions on schedule.But the PC launch is special: it's the first time Vizio has launched a product outside of CES.

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After all, it entered the mature TV market in much the same way almost exactly a decade ago.

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