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Advanced features of Digester include: * Ability to plug in your own pattern matching engine, if the standard one is not sufficient for your requirements.

* Optional namespace-aware processing, so that you can define rules that are relevant only to a particular XML namespace.

It provides a means of taking an arbitrary XML document and converting that document into a Java object representing the XML.

Neko Pull is similar to lex in that the application requests, or pulls, the document information one piece at a time instead of having document information pushed to the application.

Ji BX is a framework for binding XML data to Java objects.

Neko Pull is an XML document parsing API that extends the Xerces Native Interface (XNI) to provide pull parsing functionality.

The pull parsing paradigm is different from tree-based APIs like the Document Object Model (DOM) and event stream APIs like the Simple API for XML (SAX) in that the application controls the parsing of documents.

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This is critical when adopting an XML-Java binding framework since you may received schemas that are out of your control.

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