Updating recessed lights

Here is a post plus a calculator that you can use to get an idea of the number of lights you’ll need.

The number of task lights needed (if any) will vary based on the layout of the general lights.

Adding crown moulding inside the soffit is a great way to give it a finished look.

With either option, the ceiling will most likely need to be refinished by a drywall professional and then painted.

The first thing you need to do is identify the type of ceiling you have. Depending on when your home was built, your kitchen ceiling is likely either flat or it has a fluorescent soffit.

If your kitchen ceiling is flat, it probably has one or more light fixtures mounted to it’s surface. It involves removing the old fixtures, installing the recessed lights, and repairing any ceiling damage left over from the old light fixtures.

If your home was built between the 1970’s and the 1990’s, you may have a soffit ceiling with a raised portion in the center.

This was built to accommodate fluorescent tube lights which are covered by plastic panels.

So when one of the bulbs blew this week, I knew I was going to upgrade to LEDs.

In the examples shown here, the ceilings have been re-textured and are ready for paint.

When determining the number of recessed lights your kitchen needs, think in terms of .

I decided to break up the monotony with a little lighting rebel: meet my new bronze sphere cage pendant light.3.

Loosen the compression nut from the canopy on your light kit.4.

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I installed sconce lighting to go with the recessed lighting in the ceiling.

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