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It should be referred to as Java Script Object Notation.

A method for encoding data for exchange on a communications medium.

It can be extended to hexadecimal number strings by using all hexadecimal arithmetic.

It is commonly used to verify data entry of long numeric strings, such as Machine To Machine. Most electronic communications is between machines but in many cases, such as a cellphone or PC, this is usually only because a person is using the device.

Can be quite accurate in the short term, but gets continually less accurate until reset at a known location again.

Compare with the purely network-based Emergency Alert System.For example, if 'domain.com' had two servers, 'alpha' and 'beta', 'alpha.domain.com' would be fully-qualified, but 'domain.com' would not.A European positioning system based on 30 satellites and ground stations.Not usually used to refer to the group, but a graphics format created for them that is suitable for digital photographs and similar images.It supports 24 bit color as well as variable levels of compression and quality.

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A subset of the Java Script data structure grammar (with some restrictions, such as an inability to support the date data type). Enables a mobile device connected to a Femtocell to access the home IP network, allowing services from the local network to be accessed without routing through the ISP’s core network.

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