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When you share that same photo in a Shared Photo Stream, you create yet another copy.To see the total amount of storage that photos use, access the Usage option under the General section of the Settings app. Here you will see a breakdown of the amount of storage taken up by the Camera Roll, Photo Library and Photo Stream.If you’re going to be connecting it to a computer anyway to trash the pictures, you really should back them up first as part of that process.This is the best and quickest option available, but it is limited to i OS 6 or later.

(Prior to i OS 6, this was the only option available to delete photos from your i Phone’s Camera Roll.) You may have already tried to use the Photos app on your i Phone to try to remove your photos from the Camera Roll.

This is done directly in the Photos app, and all you need to do is select which pictures to trash in your Camera Roll or any photo album.

The select deletion option is available to all i OS versions: Of course these i OS-based approaches work aside from the i Phone as well, and this is obviously better if you want to be removing pictures from any i OS device while you’re on the go and away from a computer.

Since you can’t just swap out an SD card on your i Phone(s AAPL) like you can with your old point-and-shoot camera, managing how much free space you have left on your Camera Roll is a vital part of being able to continue taking photos — especially for those among us with 16 GB versions of the i Phone packed with a whole lot of home videos.

Note: Before reading further, be absolutely sure that you have either downloaded to your Mac or uploaded to the cloud all of the photos from your i Phone that you want to keep.

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This works in all versions of Mac OS X: Now the waiting part, which can take quite a while depending on how many pictures you have.

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  1. I did a similar connect with my Chrome browser on a Windows 7.1 OS. And I was allowed to login, butthe HTTPS protection was "X" out. It gave the same reason of not being a trusted certificate.