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So, until someone is ready to have a baby, we believe they should have access to the most current and accurate information on birth control.Education Minister Anthony Boatswain has confirmed that the Ministry will be launching an investigation into the circulation of a video that shows 2 students of a secondary school engaging in sexual acts. We are dealing with school children and they need to know that they are governed by the Education Act.The case will now move to the District Attorney's office, and Campbell said she is "praying" the DA's office will not increase their bond based on the charges alone.

They committed themselves to educating the kids of this city." Campbell said her clients fear this could be "the end of their careers as educators." Kusmirek was released from jail on a ,500 bond, and Shane was bonded out for ,000 because she was also charged with obstruction of justice.

Enrollment figures from the spring 2017 issue of the Enroll NOLA school guide state the school teaches 453 students.

On and off campus, our message is clear: An unplanned pregnancy can seriously affect one’s social life, work, relationships, finances, and the ability to succeed in college.

With this in mind, Campbell slammed NOPD for arresting two women who do not "have a blemish on their record who are now saddled with defending a charge that is reserved for people who are predators." She said the police knew her clients possessed "no ill intent in transferring the video." "Even if the charges are refused or dismissed, this is always going to be on these records and they are educators," Campbell said.

"Already their lives have changes simply by the fact that they were arrested." Campbell said detective De Irish "immediately started throwing around" the possibility of her arresting the school officials "right there and then" for pornography during her visit to the school once she learned the video was transferred.

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