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Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore in an interview on Monday morning (5 June).

She later added, “It was almost like talking to a friend, really, I couldn’t believe it.”" data-reactid="25"“It took me some time to realise that I was sitting next to him.

And then the conversation steered towards the recent London attack, which Nazhath said was an “unavoidable topic”.

Recounted Nazhath, “He shared how it was important for the community to stand together against it.

After he was seated at about 6.45pm, Nazhath guided him through the iftar, from the Islamic call to prayer to eating the dates and porridge that were served.“He was amazed that throughout the whole world, all the Muslims use dates [to break fast].

I remember reminding him there were seeds in the dates, so look out for that.

She later added, “It was almost like talking to a friend, really, I couldn’t believe it.”Muslim Youth Ambassadors of Peace (MYAP) in 2015 by Jamiyah Singapore, social group IM.

Ramadan is a time of thoughtful prayer, religious study and comteplation for the 1.6 billion Muslims living around the world.He emphasised that the individuals who do these [attacks] are not part of any religion or any community.They are individuals who do evil acts and it’s important for the community to stand together.”Besides exchanging views on global current affairs as well as sharing more about MYAP to the Prince, Nazhath said His Royal Highness had also taken interest in Singapore’s national food.“I did share with him that there’s no one national food because we’re multicultural.Fasting (sawm in Arabic) is one of the five key pillar of Islam, along with prayer (salat), charity (zakat), faith (shahadah) and making the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca.All adult Muslims are required to fast, with exemptions for pregnant women, nursing mothers, women who are menstruating and the sick and elderly.

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It is not to be confused with Eid ul-Adha, a separate holiday which this year falls in September.

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