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The Assets created out of the Bank Loan are cars which are rent out on a periodic basis say, monthly and the operating income generated out of it net of expenses can be used to liquidate the entire loan without additionally resorting to other incomes by the borrower.

The Assets can also be attached to the bank by creating an hyphenation leaving the possession of the asset to the borrower.

For example, the currency investor could buy a given currency while it is relatively weak, hold onto it until it becomes strong, and then sell it for a substantial profit over the original investment.Liquidating Your Assets Handling Your Financial Obligations Making Your Final Distributions Community Q&A If you are faced with closing your business and you were unable to locate a buyer to purchase the business in its entirety, you should consider selling/liquidating your business’s assets.There are variety of reasons to close a business, including poor results, owner retirement or poor health, or the loss of a franchise arrangement.Short term, self-liquidating loans do this since the borrowed funds are used to purchase assets that generate the needed funds.Suppose From out of a Bank Loan for a period of5 years ==50 Taxi Cars are purchased and the borrower himself runs a Rent a car business.

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From that point forward, both projects would be able to remain self-sustaining and even earn additional profits that could be used to fund other municipal projects.

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