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She explained that it was like “playing house” online. I looked through her i Pod and noticed that her account had a fair amount of followers, whom I wasn’t familiar with.Most of the names that her followers were using were that of famous people and singers.I told my daughter that she was no longer to engage in Role-play.I could see how attached she was becoming to this fictional life and although it was very innocent, I, on the other hand, could see that this fictional life could easily affect her “real’ life.In addition, I have used my Instagram as a platform to make an impact, and connect people to style their life within.Instagram it is a free photo and video sharing app available on Apple i OS, Android, and Windows Phone.

It didn’t make any sense to me that my daughter or any of these children for that matter would want to interact in this fictional online life.However, I made sure that her privacy settings are on and I follow her.While observing her activity on Instagram, it all seemed very innocent.This past year, I have been an avid Instagram user.I love how I can instantly upload my photos, and turn my normal photo, with the use of some filters, into an enhanced, brightened photo.

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She and her friends post pictures, like one another’s photos and make the odd comment to one another.

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