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There are six people on the platform, and two of them wave goodbye.

One of them is thrusting their arm over their head at such a glacial pace it seems like a warning: in the time that it will take to finish this journey.

And you aren’t even on the train, so you don’t even get to visit a new place at the end. Go outside, enjoy life — it is interactive slow TV!

But the train has already left the station, and has attained the calming, plodding speed that it will retain for much of the next seven hours. : Only one minute in, and we’ve reached our first tunnel, which means watching a black screen with whispering and weird whirring sounds in the background for four minutes. Maybe the reason that so many people watched this show is because they assumed their TV was off.

: After this aired, was the train conductor like, “FINALLY. Since then, there have been bear and panda cams, but nothing that approaches the phenomenon status of Norway’s programming.

Norway is beautiful, and shows like this let you freebase the landscape in its undiluted glory.

It’s like putting chamomile tea in a humidifier while you listen to the rainstorm option on your phone’s White Noise app.

: Passengers are reminded over the loudspeaker that you can get hot dogs in the café car. If the camera is the protagonist of this show, this is the first adversity she has faced thus far.

There is a special where you can get a cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun for 30 krone. It is not clear how she will overcome such a trial, since she has no free will and her destiny has been preordained: She will get to Oslo.

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: Although Norwegian reality TV unfurls at a pace that obeys the strictures of space and time, the cow to .

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