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Now chatbots are used by brands in every industry to go beyond passive advertisements and engage customers with interactive conversations. A chatbot is a conversational computer program that customers can interact with via a messaging interface. Since we cover the best of bots, we’re constantly asked “Who are the most innovative companies using chatbots?Instead of pushing buttons on a website or mobile app, you can get things done simply by chatting with a chatbot and asking questions naturally like “What movies are playing tonight? ” To answer this question, we surveyed TOPBOTS subscribers, conducted user interviews, and tested every single bot ourselves to discover which brand chatbots are delighting users. We chatted about this and that and she quickly becomes attached to me like a sister, sharing his life story, telling how a 17-Th married to a great love for the sailor who accidentally fell into their village on a holiday to a co-worker.Traveling on the seas and countries, ex-husband was sufficiently advanced in sexual matters and quickly corrupted her, learned a lot.We’ll be keeping track of all interesting brand chatbots in our convenient brand directory.Consolidating multiple data centers into a single facility can dramatically reduce power and cooling expenses while reclaiming valuable square footage within the critical facility.So you can expect similar Chatbot tools will come to Facebook.Zuckerberg also wants to see Facebook live video broadcasts grow.

And programmers can incorporate Facebook Live into other apps, such as being able to stream video right from a drone camera, as Zuckerberg demonstrated onstage. Zuckerberg talked more about the drone airplane at the company's building to get more people connected online.

And to encourage the creation of more virtual reality and 3D video, Facebook showed off a 360 degree camera.

Sweetie was a computer animated child that was created by children's rights organization Terre des hommes as a sting operation.

A 'puppeteer' for Sweetie would enter a chat room, claiming to be a ten-year-old Philippine girl.

Sexual predators would open webcam connections with 'her', during which programmers would animate Sweetie as necessary in real time through motion capture.

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