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Set target limits for how long you want to binge before your binge begins.

You can control this by controlling your available cash.

Not eating or sleeping for several days plays havoc with your entire body and increases susceptibility to all diseases. Set a timer to remind yourself to give your body what it needs: water, medications, a rest, some food, etc.

Sharing toys – dildos, butt plugs, that type of thing – can also mean you're sharing diseases. Most guys notice that their standards for sex partners change between 3pm and 3am. You can use an alarm, timer, when a CD or video stops playing, or timed lights.

Strategies to reduce potential harms: Drink lots of water.

Alcohol and caffeine will make you piss more which is great for water sports but bad for hydration. Polyester is not only hideous but it also won’t let your body breathe properly which will increase your body temperature, which will dehydrate you more.

Things to watch out for: Dehydration – not having enough water in your system.

This is particularly of concern for guys who are taking X and crystal together. Crystal use can increase risk for heart attacks, particularly when exercising vigorously on the dance floor for hours on end.

Don't pass out in the fury of your Joan Crawford scouring session!

Make sure you open windows and properly ventilate your home.

Strategies to reduce potential harms: Wear gloves, use skin moisturizers, open windows, take oxygen breaks and drink lots of water.

If there’s a history of heart disease in your family, be sure to have a doctor check out your ticker no matter what your age.

If your father or brother had a heart attack prior to age 55 – or your mother or sister had a heart attack before 65 – definitely find out how much stress your heart can handle.

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  1. Whether it is disapproving parents or boyfriends/girlfriends growing distant, sometimes there is something going on that makes us question anything and everything about the health and future of our relationships.