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Like it or not, it is instinctive in many women, kids or no kids to think of the child and family unit and what affect their presence is having on a single father who has a deep and complicated history with his ex-partner.

Spend time learning about the other person’s’ areas of interest, then determine if he or she is a mutual attraction (yes, mutual attraction is critical, since they’re vetting you as much as you’re vetting them) and plan out next steps.

This top-of-funnel engagement should really be focused on educating the prospect on why you are “Mr./Mrs.

Right” and building credibility and trust for them to want to learn more.

With the number of households being headed by a single father on the rise, it's no surprise that the chances of meeting man with a kid are dramatically increased.

A quarter of these single parents have never been married and half are divorced or separated, which has resulted in a huge demographic when it comes to the dating pool.

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Disappointingly; 33% of men wouldn't date a single mum, compared to the much higher figure in women.

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