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With Jacob Jost (Edward Cullen), Drew Lorentz (Jasper Hale), Shuan Flynn (Emmett Cullen), Brittany Turner (Rosalie Hale) and Joseph Lewellyn (Jacob Black), they tour the country in costumes and makeup so precise that it’s hard to believe it’s all done by a couple people.It all started three years ago when Hilly entered AOL’s “Be a Red Star” contest and came in third out of nearly 100,000 video entries.“And if we can’t, in the future maybe actor, director, make-up artist – we’d love to be in the industry anyway possible.” The duo is no stranger to performing.Hannah has been dancing for 17 years and teaching dance for 13 years, according to The Hillywood Show website.Lovett from Sweeney Todd, who is featured in The Hillywood Show.While the pair is currently focusing on their parodies, particularly Twilight, their web-series is where it all began and has a special place in their hearts.

“We’re really looking forward to Eclipse,” Hilly said.The pair wants to create a “Saturday Night Live” for teens.“Really anything that would allow our show to be on television would be great,” Hilly said.“Only because all the past roles I have done have been male characters; so being able to able to play a girl makes me feel good,” she laughed.As for Hannah, her favorite character to play has been Mrs.

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