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And den, I take you upstate, to the amusement park, Wu-tang amusement parks. Bachelor 2 : Word, we wide all kinda wollercoasters and fewwis wheels. Bachelor 2 : Eat all kinda cotton candy, popcorn and shit. to pick you up in a Wu mobile, bwought to you by Cwysler. Bachelor 2 : You know, the cowabowation, that we just came wit. Or you could hit me on the 2-way, or Bwackbwewwy account.

Like the title, a good third of the album feels too forced.

I know you better than you think I do Don't worry babe..

this is why i fell in love with you The man in the looking glass Is looking back at you at last You can't hide from the truth Because the truth is all there is You can't hide from the truth Because the truth is all there is You can't hide from the truth Because the truth is all there is You can't hide If happy times are too few and far between It's a pity dear, we can't erase the things we've seen So disappear, vanish if you wish Just go before you're swallowed up by bitterness And the truth is you can't hide from the truth And the truth hurts because the truth is all there is I realized some time ago that I would have to let you go May not be true to see that you would return one day But in your present state you may as well not be here at all You wear a thin disguise, it's from yourself you hide Just take a look at us, we are heading for a fall [J-Live] Now presiding in this quarter: hip-hop Justice, my rap forté Judge, jury, bailing for prosecuting D. Et ceteras, paraphas My modus operende It's carpe diem whether the fact or word is your way Comprende?

They do, with solid songs that could exist outside of Handsome Boy's heavy-with-concept world.

Expect Jamie Cullum and John Oates' pop-solid "Biggest Mistake" to show up on a Christina Aguilera album sometime soon, while Cat Power's track is so well formed you have to wonder what the reaction will be when a Handsome Boy fan encounters one of her indie, skeletal, and spent early albums.

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