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read the full post BEST DIVORCE SPELL CASTER I recently saw a testimony about a spell caster of some sort in a blog I visit for relationship and dating counseling problems because i had been having serious issues with my husband and we had been married for 3 years,he just suddenly changed, he was returning my calls ,he started cheating, he was hurting me in so many ways i never thought possible and I just thought…

read the full post My son is drug addict he trying at the moment to come off coke but also has been battling addiction for 26 years he was 14 maybe 15 when he started smoking cannibis he his also addicted to perscription drugs ie tramadol,antidepresants he has a loving wife and 3 lovley children however he as held it together for so long is beyond me it all could come crashing down .l pray everyday for him to be dru…

Families sometimes feel lost or struggle to express themselves regarding a loved one’s drug or alcohol use.

This can be down to fear of stigma, a concern that they won’t be properly understood or simply not knowing what to do.

Please note Adfam may reproduce some of the testimony on this blog, anonymously, in our work.

I had noticed that she was often down & very tired & broke. He apparently goes off his meds when things are seemingly ok.

So, you know, I am truly so deeply sorry for the misery that I sometimes caused you, especially…

read the full post My partner has issues with his mental health, and as a result addiction.

His wife an sons (age 8 and 10) have now left the family home.

He has been into detox in the past an was doing well when he came out with meds to help him abstain from alcohol.

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