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Seeking mysterious artifacts of power believed to be hidden in the realm of Dragonica, Elga mounted a bloody invasion, but was finally defeated at great cost by the 5 Legendary Heroes and entombed in a hidden fortress, presumably for all time.If your hardware is missing then contact GD Admin Pip and he will sort it out.

The Dark Dragon Elga and former hero Paris have become allies to plunge the lands into darkness, and players must team up, as Humans or Dragonkin, to become powerful heroes and vanquish Elga and Paris from their lands.

In some parts of the world the game is still called Dragonica Online.

Those that are tired of traditional side scrolling games like Maple Story and Wind Slayer should find that Dragon Saga is genuinely different gaming experience; and a fun one at that.

The second is a pair of Facebook milestone campaigns and can be found on the same Pre-Register page.

Clicking on the big Share button (beside the Google Play and App Store logos) will go towards a Little Witch Costume, while giving the official LINE Dragonica Mobile SEA Facebook page a Like will go to consumables and a Little Pigle Pooyam pet.

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The North American Open Beta Test began on August 18, 2009.

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