Disillusioned internet dating

I'm sure both sexes are guilty of looking at a photo and dismissing it just by the person's appearance.I suppose it is a way to start, that's why they tell you to have a good photo with a smile.We pass people every single day who don't give us the time of day and we aren't insulted so why should it be any different here? Yes, it is difficult just looking at a photo and reading their write ups to really know what the person is all about.When you are face-to-face, you can see the expressions, the twinkle in the eye, hear the voice, see their mannerisms.Not only that , there are far too many other reasons to justify my conclusion that space permits, however, suffice to say, I have come to the conclusion that the majority are looking for "an intelligent, solvent, own house, handsome, athletic, caring, generous man with a great sense of humour who will cherish and spoil me."..right! I personally now think that if you don't meet somebody by a twist of fate, i.e.a chance meeting in a park, museum, supermarket, whatever, then, sadly, it ain't gonna happen.It is with great skepticism that I thought I would once again register with an agency with a large selection of ladies in my area.Unfortunately, my skepticism has been justifed and I see that the attitude, expectations and intentions have not changed at all. The one saving grace is that the registration was free.

You get my drift.....is easy to assume something which isn't there, or to misunderstand. I feel I should explain that the numbers shown on a members profile relates to the number of times their profile has been viewed; it does not necessarily mean contacts.

I wonder if maybe the best way to meet is to go to the local group get togethers. Generally, the more a member is online and visits the chat and the forums, the more other members want to view their profiles to find out more about them.

That way there is no pressure, you can go alone and join the group outing. Also, it can be easier for members to meet others in a local group meeting; as you say there is less pressure and there is also safety in numbers.

Right, people seems to seek for the impossible, the perfection... People dream of the "Special One", and yes even me ...

but it is the onside that is count,,, we love or we don't love.... A good friend told me " Wait for the right one for you... Unfortunately, human beings are firstly looking for 'attraction/chemistry'. Personally, I don't respond to men I'm not interested in meeting because in the past when I have responded they haven't taken too kindly to being told "thanks, but no thanks"..in those words exactly by the way.

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