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Did I mention the 135 page compilation of the best tips and tricks submitted by other War Room members? I got a backyard full of dog crap, a stack full of bags, and a zippo that won't quit. I can't tell you how many of the posts could have been products, they were that good.Exclusive products and services available only at Warrior Forum Get great deals on Internet Marketing Products, Services, Trainings and other Offers at the world's largest Internet marketing marketplace Dear Friend: We get so many questions about the War Room every day that I decided to create this post to let new people to the forum know what the War Room is and what it can do for you.To begin with, the Warrior Forum itself is the oldest and most successful Internet Marketing Forum on the planet.Miller, Harbourmaster, Ian Middleton, Ibiam, Imnuwarrior, jayauthor, jhongren, Jill Carpenter, jimfurr, jobowen, johndetlefs, John_Paduchak, jordorules, JTor, jtrag, keniskandar, Kenneth Holland, lillian2444, Lloyd Ed, Louisa789, m1s1, maestro2010, Michael Newman, mike gregory, millionairenewbie, moralde, mschow, Ms Debra, mysticmadness, No BSGuy, nouseforaname, oadvantage, Peenut69, petec, Preben Frenning, priyatham, psk09, raj5, rajivkumar900, renu, richjude, richwolf, Ron Douglas, rontoski, Roy Manley, Satdin, socialmediawarrior, Stratplayer1, Supafly, The Graduate, The Jedi, uzomegabiz, vich32, Vinod Kumar Jadge, votekick, williamkmohr, William L, wizozz There is a ton of valuable info in there, so my recommendation would be to join while the price is still low. Dixie I'm not a member of the War Room yet but I will be very soon. The only reason I'm not is that I want to focus on writing code for my latest project ... I finally got my subscription today and all I can say is WOW. One of his threads could really make your business to 90% on autopilot and this is not the usual super hyped 100% on autopilot. Houcem The War Room is like the regular forum on steroids. There are a lot of threads that are, quite frankly, mind blowing. And these type of sheep aint ever gonna make it in business anyway. xxx Vegas Vince I am happy I got in when it was only but I think that even at the current price it is valuable. You will be told things you don't get to hear on the other forum categories and there are often freebies and things people give. I am pretty much addicted to this forum and this forum has taught me so much for free and also the WSO's on here is incredible.As for implementing what I have learned, I can say that I have done some things that I've learned inside the "War Room", but I'm "too green" for a big part of what is presented in there. I hope to turn a lot of the advice given in there into reality once I get my new niche site on its feet:) They have an archived version of the previous War Room posts in an ebook now which is 125 pages long. There are at least 12 posts in there that are worth that amount individually (some would say I'm shooting low). OK so we all know I'm probably going to sign up at some point today :) What I don't understand is why it's a one time fee? I spent waaaay too much time in there today, but came away with my poor little brain just bursting with knowledge. How Allen persuaded the originators of them make them exclusively available on the WR and not on the WF is beyond me. If you are sitting on the fence swinging your feet through the daffodils, I highly recommend that you jump off and run as fast as you can to join the War Room. :) Cal Long answer: I belong, and as many have already said, the information within is priceless. In all honesty I've been in there now for about 3 days and already started using the stuff. I definately wouldn't have made money online without this forum.

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