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Rubidium and Sr are dependent on the relative behaviour of biotite, plagioclase and alkali-feldspar.

Modelling of dehydration-melting involving the breakdown of amphibole, biotite, and alkali-feldspar reproduces the observed Sm/Nd and Rb/Sr fractionation, and indicates the loss of small melt fractions, on a cm scale, from the charnockite.

These observations suggest that partial melting is the most plausible means of effecting both the dehydration and depletion that accompanies charnockite formation.

The relics were carried away from the temple to South India by the Pandyas, and then recovered in 1288 by Parakkramabahu III (1287–1293), who temporarily placed them in safety at Polonnaruwa.

Yapahuwa was one of the ephemeral capitals of medieval Sri Lanka.

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The palace and fortress were built by King Buvanekabahu I (1272–1284) in the year 1273.

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