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It is a case of the classic chicken-and-egg problem where one cannot happen without the other.

This problem could mean make-or-break when you start an online business in the on demand economy, but there are ways to work your way through it and emerge successful, as has been exemplified by companies like Focusing on a single city, area or even a neighborhood first can help you prove the model to both suppliers and consumers.

You realize that you control your own destiny.” Richard Bach Are you having a problem in your life right now? You can use the energy you previously fed the problem with – the energy that probably made the problem look bigger than it was – to find creative solutions to the challenge. If you just ask you may find that people will often be willing to help you out. Or teaches us how our lives perhaps aren’t as bad as we thought.

If so, maybe these six quick tips can help you to solve it a little bit easier. First, ask yourself: is there really a problem here? Finding this more positive part of the problem reduces its negative emotional impact.

In caso di comportamenti scorretti ripetuti e segnalati da altri utenti i moderatori potranno vedersi costretti ad eliminare il tuo profilo.

In media ci vogliono 12 mesi per essere quasi sicuri di fare un bell’incontro.Con diversi milioni di utenti, Meetic è un formidabile luogo d’incontro!Tuttavia, è meglio rispettare alcuni semplici consigli per poter ottimizzare le tue possibilità di fare un incontro interessante.The core challenge that any business faces in the on demand economy is customer acquisition – both on the consumer and producer side (We have created an infographic that helps you understand the On Demand Economy better).Consumers won’t come on a platform until they see value provided by producers, and producers would not create that value until they see consumers on a platform.

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