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) so he wants to be prepared in case anything happens. Also: not a talent OR a rare occurrence, Nick, everyone has a camera and contact list in their phones at any.

Nick says he dates 8 to 10 times a month, and he explains the possible dangers associated. He wants a million dollars insurance onnit, but Actual Insurer says his underwriters will have to advise. Nick brags that it's not his first time doing a c*ck selfie and Imma need a ruling on that: I thought we all agreed to call those dick pics back in '99? Next up is Jennifer, who is a Vegas entertainer having a date with Brace.

Jennifer is coming on awfully strong, though, it's excruciating to watch. It's weird, though, two very fit people bouncing around but no actual secks or even messing around. They are positive for the most part, but seem to center around the fact that it's only 113 pages, so: not enough, which is not something I've heard anyone say about Vin before.

Everyone turns to Brace, who calls himself scarred by the life.

He's really struggling with his role in the industry right now.

Vin's asked about it and he gives a chef analogy: when he's at work, he puts out plate after plate of gorgeous food.

Oh man, they're actually applying glitter to their nether regions and while it looks cute on her bum, alllls the hypoallergenic jitters are getting me about the front. There isn't enough Patron and pineapple in the world for Brace to get through this.

He interviews that he knows that's what ALL women secretly want, and some not so secretly.

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Can you believe we're almost done this season of Gigolos? This is the penultimate episode of S6, since Showtime is stingy with the Cowboys 4 us Angels, but we'll take what we can get. I have a friend who buys all her kids clothes there, she crazy. Oh yes, in his extensive background of racial profiling, he's decided that Colombian = bright, loud colours. The saleslady looks in pain already; Vin has to explain to Bradley and Brace next that Colombia is NOT Mexico. Next we make fun of Brace never paying; his Spidey sense tells him when a check is making it's way to their table and he heads to the bathroom. He's meeting Veronica, who is a 30-year-old DJ from Los Angeles with the most painful-looking bewbs I've ever seen. He starts some small-talk, wow, she's really gotten dressed up for this adventure, I see garters and heels that must be at LEAST 6 inches high. Open the door un-showered in flipflops while you're brushing your teeth, no need to do anything painful to your insteps!

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