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These ‘extras’ help to make sure both hamsters are healthy whilst also making sure that the males fertility levels are at their best, and preparing the females body for pregnancy.Continue feeding these foods, in small amounts, once you have paired up the male and the female, and also during the pregnancy, birth and rearing of the litter – the mother will benefit greatly from them as they will help her cope with the added stress on her body whilst rearing a litter.As Roborovskis are very social, you will usually have no problems with introducing two of them to each other, especially not when introducing males to females.The first thing you need to do is completely clean out the cage with a safe pet disinfectant – bleach and warm water will work just as well, but you MUST make sure you completely rinse away any traces of the bleach!Each hamster should have at least three generations of known ancestors on their Pedigree.

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A lot of breeders, who keep their hamsters in artificially heated and lighted conditions, report that their Roborovskis will mate and produce young at any time during the year, so it is always best to make sure that females are not kept with males between the ages of 4 and 16 weeks.

Once you have decided who to mate, and once the female is the correct age, it is time to pair them up – as long as they have both been checked to make sure they are 100% healthy.

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