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There’s only one thing that he’s adamant about: its simplicity.

“You’re never going to see a sign-up, you’ll always be able to just open it up and chat.” While I could be wrong, I don’t think Jibblar is going to reach Twitter or even Chatroulette proportions, but I have to give Nicholls credit for highlighting the importance of geo-based chat and trying (B for effort) to create something dead simple to use.

And they were the drag queens, and the transgender writers, and they were doing the most exciting stuff. I felt part of my remit as my actor is to go where the stories are the juiciest. And I always wanted to experience what performance would be like without the fourth wall, so I formed a company in Australia and we did avant-garde theater, playing with gender norms, conversations about race — we just had a box of issues that we wanted to subvert with our stories, with dance. We would do these 15-minute shows, in nightclubs, on the street, in festivals, dancing out of a bathtub ... So how that did that get misreported or taken out of context, that you were a stripper? Not that nudity was the focus, but it was part of it.

It was a really exciting time because I felt very cloistered in England, and I thought I needed to discover more about performance, and Australia was a great place to do that. I'm sure that in the shows that we wrote and that we performed, there was nudity, you know? And then they said I was a stripper for seven years! When there's an integrity to the story and the story calls for it, I'm sure I've taken off my clothes. Good, because Game of Thrones might ask you to do that.

I think it will be a powerful alliance, between the Martells and the Lannisters. Areo is married to his long ax, and with every great warrior, there's a latent rage and violence that's contained, and it can come out in a fight. I think great dance is great sex — it's all the same. From what I understand, when you lived in Australia, you had a period where you were a dancer? I came from a very working-class area, a child of Nigerian immigrants. Not only am I articulate, but I'm quite specific in the way I express myself, and I don't speak in that kind of language. You are articulate, but your character hardly ever gets to speak. The prince obviously has a great mind, and Areo knows the prince's pain.

Both Areo Hotah and Brienne of Tarth are very big on loyalty and protecting the people they're sworn to protect. It's all about the sensuality of movement, every movement you make. It's all about movement, dance — even if you're hitting someone in the face. That you did a variety of different kinds of dance, even strip-dancing? Part of the creative journey for me was not to come up the conventional route. I got into this thing called the National Youth Theatre, and to me, that was all about the status quo. But when I see things that say, "De Obia has no qualms about getting out his booty," that's just so cheap. When Ellaria screams for blood, Areo knows the pain the prince is going through, even if he doesn't say it.

This season she comes out as a firebrand, and I hope that will be the same with Areo. The Dorne story line is all about who has Myrcella, and what they are going to do with her.

She seems to finally be going home to King's Landing, but she's a very different Myrcella than when she left as a child.

The youth theater I came from, Greenwich and Lewisham Young People's Theatre, was very Marxist, and I came out of that, and I was being told that I had to be a servant. So I went a different route, and I surrounded myself with people who were really creative, but not in the mainstream. That's what the female cast members have been saying! Jibblar grabs your location from the Firefox or i Phone browser and will only facilitate conversation with people in your immediate vicinity (according to Nicholls the range is 0.5 kilometers).The only identifier is your location tag (which you can either pick from the list of options or create a new one if it doesn’t exist) and a randomly assigned number that appears next to your chat.Myrcella is a very interesting character because she's been empowered with a sense of agency and sovereignty that most young girls can only dream of. In Dorne, women are powerful, and that's not feared or checked or quarantined. And it's a hedonistic world, where one is allowed to be free with the senses. Racial and gender dynamics are very different, in sharp contrast to King's Landing.So Myrcella developed this confidence in Dorne, away from her mother and her family, that made her mature very early.

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I see Areo's story as being incremental, as most of the stories are. He's very nuanced, and a very political character, very aware of the various forces within and without Dorne. He's very empathetic, and with the stoicism that he has, a large part of his arsenal is his ability to empathize, and within that, to intuit what another person's weaknesses are. I'd like to think as an actor, I'm empathetic as well.

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