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What happened to the belief that sharing knowledge and great ideas should be free?”From this vantage point, a diploma starts to look a lot like a receipt printed on fine cardstock.Well, a diploma is also proof that you’ve passed a bunch of tests, and — in the case of both my undergraduate and graduate programs — completed some kind of thesis project or comprehensive exam.I do believe that you can learn without practice, in that you can sit in on a literature classroom and understand without needing to write a five-page paper on its symbolism, but in-class assignments and tests also demonstrate competence in a measurable way.A diploma is proof that you have presented competence in your subject as much as it is proof of anything else.Likewise, simply having an “intellectually stimulating experience” is of little value to potential employers, who are more interested in what your intellect and competencies can do for them — and may be most interested in who you know, as This means the next step on this particular lifehack list might be to show up at the company you want to work for and act like an employee.In addition to chat, send messages and share pictures on, Gold members can also share videos, blogs, and music with other users.These services make the search for love and pleasure friendship.

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I have a hard time imagining someone sitting in on even a 30-person seminar without being discovered; at this point, the professor is walking from chair to chair and marking off each students’ name against his or her master list.

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