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He even took the Brady kids on a trip to London aboard QEII in 1971 at his own expense.Florence Henderson had also mentioned that the Brady Bunch cast were the only ones to know Robert Reed's secret (homosexuality), and that she felt much compassion for him.He is also frequently mentioned in dialogue, and Alice occasionally goes on dates with him off-screen.By the time of the 1981 made-for-TV movie The Brady Girls Get Married, Alice and Sam are married.He said it was important his betrothed accept that his Brady Bunch friends are an important part of his life.During the Brady Bunch special edition of TV game Weakest Link in 2001, Mike Lookinland expressed the thought that after having been friends with his co-stars for 30 years, it was hard for him to vote anyone off the game.

At a time when remarriage was becoming more prevalent, these shows reflected a new lifestyle in America. Season two's "The Liberation of Marcia Brady" explored the equality of women, as Marcia sets out to prove a girl can do anything a boy can.

Two episodes from season three, "Not So Rose Colored Glasses" and "Jan's Aunt Jenny," mention that Mike and Carol had been married for just three years.

And, "Kelly's Kids" from the final season explicitly recalls Mike and Carol's adoptions when their neighbors, the Kellys, adopted three boys of different races.

From season two on, the family carries on as if they had long since adjusted to life as a blended family, and the stories no longer showed such tensions and adjustments.

The fact that they are a blended family is only mentioned a few more times.

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