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Okay, so you see a babe at the Pistol Patio of Ranch 616. The shots are down and the conversation starts to flow like tequila. When you ask him out, say that you have dinner plans, but would love to meet up before. Keep it casual, but definitely have your makeup, hair and comfortable heels on, in case this date is a home run. A dog is the quickest way to exit the scene of a failed date.

Maybe you don’t have dinner plans, but a white lie is always okay to prevent bruised egos if the date sucks. If Jo’s Coffee or an iced tea from Snack Bar and a walk lead to successful conversation, you can stop in for a pre-dinner drink.

Kathleen Smith (40), an Austin entrepreneur, was one of the first single women to request that On Speed Dating add an Afrodesiac speed dating event to their constantly-growing portfolio of themed Austin singles events. “Austin doesn’t have many events catering to our demographic and I am happy to see it’s finally happening.” Wednesday’s night’s event quickly reached its goal registration of 12 men and 12 women ranging in age from 32 to 51.

Water2Wine, a South Austin mainstay, featured cascading two-and four-top tables and romantic lighting.

Each table was adorned with a number, dating pamphlets, and pencils.

The women in this town are forces to be reckoned with; they are ambitious go-getters who think outside the box with big plans for their careers, and this often means that looking for relationships takes a back seat to satisfying their own needs.

Sure, they date, and they have a lot of fun meeting people.

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