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The vases accompanied an individual who was interred at Tayasal during the Late Classic period.The content on the vases is similar iconographically to what is found on other vases from approximately the same period in surrounding areas, but the fact that the vases were found in non-elite burials appears to be unique to Tayasal. The Central Peten area can be divided into two regions based on ceramics. Four of these complexes can be further subdivided into early and late phases.The area defined as the Tayasal-Paxcaman Zone can be divided into nine temporal periods. It is followed by the Kax Ceramic Complex, which dates from 200 B. Scholars feel that these sky figures are related to earlier iconography in other Maya areas, specifically Yaxchilan (1985 Troubled: 105).The site appears to have been occupied since the Preclassic Period, beginning at approximately 900 B. It probably was not extenstively occupied during the Preclassic, but the lack of evidence from this period could be due to the excavation techniques that were used. This shows that Tayasal shared a similar iconography and probably ideology with other Maya centers, but it also may represent the partitioning of a formerly homogenous Maya society.Limited investigation was also conducted on the islands of Santa Barbara and Flores which revealed the presence of Postclassic populations. It was an odd sensation climbing over the Great Pyramid, looking for minute flecks of charcoal or other datable material, loaded down with cameras, scales, notebooks, and forms with entries for sample number, site, monument, area, feature, material (charcoal, reed, wood, etc.), matrix (gypsum mortar, mud brick, etc.), date, time, notes on details, extracted by, logged by, photograph numbers, and sketches. The 1984 radiocarbon dates from monuments spanning Dynasty 3 (Djoser) to late Dynasty 5 (Unas), averaged 374 years older than the Cambridge Ancient History dates of the kings with whom the pyramids are identified.

Archaeologists can encounter any number of problems during excavation which can lead to misinterpretation of the data, especially in Postclassic Maya sites where a lack of standardization of the ceramics and other factors makes reliable dating more difficult. Tayasal is a corruption of Tah Itza ("Place of the Itza"), a term originally used to refer to the core of the Itza territory in Petén. Monuments on panels at the site may represent sky figures.Excavations at Tayasal revealed high levels of ceramic diversity. It can be differentiated from other wares because it was made with a harder paste and a glossier slip. A figure is depicted sitting down being eaten by a snake on two stelae from Flores. Two figures depicted above the head of an important figure in the sky, which have been dubbed “sky figures” are also found in the iconography around the Peten.Excavations were done simultaneously with the sites of Cenote and Punta Nima. "The Location of Tayasal: A Reconsideration in Light of Peten Maya Ethnohistory and Archaeology" (PDF). Data was also collected from thirty-four structures in the Tayasal-Paxcaman Zone and from islands in Lake Peten and Lake Quexil.

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This is followed by the Hoychunchan Complex from 400 A. E groups are astronomically significant constructions. In this area, the emergence of the E group is contemporaneous with the appearance of the stela cult at Tayasal.

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