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In MTV's 10 On Top, Luke said that he and Munro Chambers are the closest on set.Luke is also good friends with Daniel Kelly, AJ Saudin, Chloe Rose, Aislinn Paul, Sam Earle, Shannon Kook-Chun, Cristine Prosperi, Melinda Shankar, Ricardo Hoyos, Sarah Fisher, Alicia Josipovic, Annie Clark, Jessica Tyler, and Lyle Lettau.He dropped out and was obviously trying to get married and started life without a high school diploma. JJJ: What can you tell us about Drew and Bianca’s relationship going forward? I had to do training and stuff like that, that was definitely interesting. ” (laughs) Luke: I was like, “I could get arrested afterwards. The UK also has phenomenal shows, but it’s interesting because they only do 6 episodes. Obviously, that wasn’t the best of choices, but he’s coming back and he’s trying to move forward. Luke: Going forward…at the time being, she’s just off at university and their just trying to make it work with her coming back in between things. Munro: Long distance relationships are so tough and that’s something with our characters is that it works so well, especially with him being engaged. I love doing hands-on things like that, so when they asked me if I wanted to do it and said,” We’ll train you.” I was like, “100%.” Not a doubt in my mind would I not do that. I watched a lot of shrooms videos and I was like, “Should I do shrooms? Let’s not do that.” Munro: For me personally, one of my favorite things to do is disorders. On , they really gave me the opportunity to do a couple. They always do their research especially even with the Campbell Saunders story line, you know especially with the suicide. I look at him and he was just like, “Yeah..” That read-through itself was very interesting. Munro: Well it’s one of those story lines…we haven’t really seen that in a long time. Munro: Well it’s such a subject that people at home are really going to connect to.We’ve never seen suicide or any kind of death on the show for a while, so to have Dylan [Everett] come on to the show – and he’s such a great guy – and have that character become such a popular character and beloved niner leave the show, it really hits you. I remember reading through it and I think Dylan knew from the get-go that that was going to happen, but I was like, “Am I going to cry here? Cancer is something that affects everyone and for Eli, and for me, for this storyline is to support her – to be exactly what Eli should do as a boyfriend, is to support her storyline.

Munro: Well exactly, I think he went through that stuff in when he was at that school.

JJJ: In terms of Drew, he’s been taking on a lot of responsibility lately and he’s growing up. You see all the time that they come in because I feel like that’s where the meatiest of the scripts come. It’s like you’re almost inducted right into the family.

What can you say about how Drew has evolved over the last couple of seasons? And that’s where you really get to explore success in this industry. That’s how I felt, we felt the same way like you know coming on with Raymond [Ablack] and Charlotte [Arnold] and Annie [Clark], they were on the show for so long. This show is so based on a humble cast and being a family, so no, there’s no hazing at all. Munro: Yeah, me and him tease each other all the time.

star Katherine Mc Namara, as well as one of our favorite groups, Echosmith.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Cristine Prosperi “So excited to attend the @MUCH #MMVAs tonight!

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I can’t give too much away because it’s such an up and down – it’s a roller coaster.

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